A Letter to My Daughter 

So my bestie is having a baby girl tomorrow. Thinking about this reminded me of something I wrote a while ago and I thought what better time, than on the eve of the birth of this precious soul, would there be to share this?

You are perfectly you. You do not need to change in any way. Please never let others opinions change how you feel about yourself.

Own your body. It is the only one you will ever have. And it’s beautiful. It is the vehicle through which you achieve all your dreams.

Love yourself. It is an amazing thing to help others. But don’t ever allow yourself to put everyone else’s needs so far ahead of yours that you get left behind. That’s not love. It’s martyrdom and that’s never pretty.

Your mind can be your best friend or your most powerful enemy. Choose wisely. Everything in your life will be a culmination of the choices you make. You ALWAYS have a choice. Remember there are always consequences to every action. Act kindly.

Your heart is going to be broken. Make sure it’s worth it. Just because a boy tells you you’re beautiful doesn’t mean he will always think that. People are quick to speak. Think before you speak. Words should be used to build not to break down. Walk away. Walk away and don’t ever turn your pretty head to look back if he doesn’t treasure you every minute of every day. People change. Their actions are a reflection of them not of you. You should be adored. Always. Fighting is good. But fight honestly. And always laugh about it afterwards. Spend time holding hands. Get to know someone before you let them into your heart. You are allowed to be picky. Choosing the man, the partner for life’s biggest adventure demands that. Never settle. You deserve to be ecstatically happy every day of your life. Choose someone who is honest. Honesty is the only true foundation for love.

Trust your intuition. It’s there for a reason. If something doesn’t feel right don’t do it. You are always allowed to say no. You are more precious than you will ever know. Don’t be afraid to wait for the one who will show you that everyday.

Never take love for granted. Your friends, your family. Life is so short. Make every day count. Life is so very exciting.


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