Navigating the Coronacoaster

Sometimes words fail us. Sometimes, the feelings are so overwhelming, that it takes every little bit of inner strength we have left, to gulp for air. Sometimes, there isn't a right or a wrong. And it's ok to feel disappointed. Hurt. Angry. Scared. It's also ok to look on the bright side. To hold on [...]

Privilege as Defined by Covid-19

You bemoan the unfairness of being allowed to go to the shops but not being able to run, or walk your dogs, while others are wondering how they will shop from a locked-down township, with no public transport. You worry if you’ve stocked up with enough wine, treats and good food, while others are wondering [...]

Happiness, Hurt and the Sacred Circle

There is a reason the circle is symbolic of so many of the important things in our life. The circle is symbolic the cycle of life. Of the commitment we make in marriage. Of the infinite and of eternity. We use it when referring to the family-circle, our circle-of-friends, and our circle-of-influence. But most importantly, we use the circle to protect that which we hold sacred.

A Letter to My Son…

My darling boy you will never know how you have changed my life. Not only in the obvious ways of little sleep and dirty nappies. Of no longer being able to socialize at the drop of a hat, but also no longer wanting to. Of not being able to day nap and read all night. [...]