Privilege as Defined by Covid-19

You bemoan the unfairness of being allowed to go to the shops but not being able to run, or walk your dogs, while others are wondering how they will shop from a locked-down township, with no public transport.

You worry if you’ve stocked up with enough wine, treats and good food, while others are wondering how they will feed their families from next week.

You begrudging buy the last of the no-name sanitizer, because your brand is sold out, while others wonder how to wash their children’s hands with no running water.

You can’t believe you have to spend 21 days inside, with the partners you chose, and the babies you made, in your 3 bedroom homes, while others wonder where they are going to put their grandmother when they are already 10 to a 1 bedroom shack.

You wonder how you will pass the days between Netflix, your garden, puzzles and books, while others are wondering how to keep their families and the vulnerable safe in overrun townships with no infrastructure.

Corona doesn’t discriminate. But those with privilege will in all likelihood survive. Those who are not, are most likely going to die if this virus makes itself at known in their homes.

We are a nation who has 300 000 people living with TB.

Over 7 million living with HIV.

Hundreds of thousands with compromised immunity from disease, chemo, circumstance.

For them catching Corona may well be a death sentence.

So stop being so self-absorbed.

Stay home.

Be grateful. And think of ways to heal our broken economy once this is all over. We can make it through the other side IF we do it together 🖤


2 thoughts on “Privilege as Defined by Covid-19

  1. Thank you for this well written article. Simple truth to put us back on track and remind us that no matter what our own circumstances are that there are always others less fortunate having to endure greater challenges.

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