The War Inside Us (and The Lessons We Learn While Doing Battle)

If something no longer serves you, or brings you great joy, then let it go. Do all things with integrity and thoughtfulness. But do the things that make your soul soar. Be brave. Make the change. Life is way too short to be doing the things we believe we should vs the things we love.


A Life More Ordinary

I may aspire to succeed and to achieve remarkable things professionally. But honestly? Right now, all I really hope for is to get by. To have the opportunity every day to do something ordinary. And to take photos of these ordinary moments. To remember there was something normal to hold on to in these extraordinary times.

So Over Corona…

It’s been four months. Four never-ending, infinite months, that have passed in the blink of an eye. Four months filled with crafting and crosswords, banana breads and bake-a-thons. Embracing “working from home”, and appreciating the quality time with our loved ones... 
Four months of slowly unraveling. Of coming apart at the seams. Fours months that have blurred into an indistinguishable mess, of my mental health, turning me in a “mental-self”.

Happiness, Hurt and the Sacred Circle

There is a reason the circle is symbolic of so many of the important things in our life. The circle is symbolic the cycle of life. Of the commitment we make in marriage. Of the infinite and of eternity. We use it when referring to the family-circle, our circle-of-friends, and our circle-of-influence. But most importantly, we use the circle to protect that which we hold sacred.

A Letter to My Son…

My darling boy you will never know how you have changed my life. Not only in the obvious ways of little sleep and dirty nappies. Of no longer being able to socialize at the drop of a hat, but also no longer wanting to. Of not being able to day nap and read all night. [...]