Home is Where the Heart is (but you still need somewhere to lay your head)

Gosh. So Two thousand and WTF (2016) came into our lives like one of those tropical storms that get named after some poor, unsuspecting woman, who may have, once upon a time have done something to be remembered in such a manner.

2016 brought tears and heartbreak. Hardships and challenges. It also brought with it many blessings, births and babies, engagements and promises of forever. But in many ways it left us all a little scarred, a little more cautious and with a little more sadness in our hearts. None the less, we took it on the chin, dusted ourselves off and looked to 2017 as a year of rebirth, opportunity and all the good things. Yes, we were ready. The year of the Pantone Greenery. The start of a new cycle, one of beginnings, according to certain astrologists. How could it be anything other than f***ing fantastic?

And then it started. It was like 2016 was stuck on repeat and we were living in our own version of the film Groundhog Day. The knocks just kept on coming.

The thing with having to deal with numerous heartbreaks at the same time, and in such quick succession, is that we almost start to become a tiny bit numb. It goes from complete shock and disbelief to a sense of resignation that this is just life, we just need to deal. We start to question what the point is. We’re not the first. Throughout history, the great wars, the great love affairs, someone, always, at some point asks, “What is the point?”

We love at the risk of losing and we live with the knowledge that everything is temporary. The only guarantee that life gives us, is that no-one is getting out of here alive.

So what’s the point?

The point is that life is beautiful. That the pain, and the loss, are only possible because we were first blessed, with life, loved ones and the opportunity to carve our own path. That with every loss, we learn and we grow. We become better friends. Better family. Better lovers. We become better humans because pain and loss is a great equalizer. Our ability to empathise increases. Our capacity for love grows, albeit more cautiously. Our view of our fellow humans softens, as we realise that everyone truly is fighting their own battles. Some in silence. And some, if you are like me, in a great, roaring, flood of tears. Luckily for me, crying is cathartic.

So where to from here? Well once again, we take it on the chin, we dust ourselves off and grow a little thicker skin. We hope. We plan. We laugh. And we live. Regardless of what the future holds. The future is not guaranteed. But today is, so let’s make today friggin fabulous.

Its been said many times over that home is where the heart is. True story. But like the title of this post reminds us, we still do need somewhere to lay our heads. So wish us luck as we hunt for a new home, while planning a wedding that’s less than 8 months away and just generally trying to do this thing called life.

Thank you to our family. Thank you to our friends.We wouldn’t have come out the other side of all of this without you all by our side.

Thank you that I got another day to try and be better.



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