There’d be No Rainbows without Rain…

Don’t let this life get you down.

We’ve only got one guarantee, and that is that none of us will be here forever.

Don’t let one dark day steal your sunshine. Don’t let your tears wash away your joy. Promote peace and harbor hope. Be a safe place for those in need. Guard your heart but don’t ever let this life make you hard. Strive to be responsive in a world that pushes you to react. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Or imagine a life where shoes are unattainable.

Shine bright, be colourful. Be honest, be true. Be YOU.

Not everyday will be magical but there is magic in every moment, purely for the fact that we are alive to experience it. Relish every breath. Breathe deeply and with purpose. Say please and thank you. Smile at a stranger. Make eye-contact with the homeless man on your corner. Connect with the human-ness of everyone you meet. We can’t save the world but we can remind someone they exist, and that just may save them.

Think before you speak. But don’t over-think situations that hurt your heart. Not everyone is out to get you. They are too busy fighting their own battles and any harm they caused you was probably unintentional.

Practice mindfulness. Stretch. Be at peace with your self. Learn to wrestle with your demons and win. Stop re-visiting the same challenges. Break the cycle.

Know where you stand and stand proud. Don’t allow ego to make you arrogant. Accept others and their opinions. We don’t have to agree. But we don’t need to start wars over it. Be unified, and if you must destroy something, let it be the walls that divide us.

Be kind. Do not intentionally set out to harm. Not a human, not another living creature. Nurture nature and treasure your relationships.

Find freedom. In the things you love. In the job you do. In the people you are blessed with. Don’t ever take them for granted because this life really is too damn short.

Love unconditionally. Forgive quickly. Laugh often and loudly. Always extend your hand to help. Be true to you.

May our lives reflect our hearts, and be filled with people, experiences and animals instead of “stuff”. May happiness prevail where sadness threatens and may we always find purpose. Big or small.

Don’t let the sun set on a single day without a grateful heart. It is in gratitude that we grow and it is gratitude that increases our capacity.

Let it go. Let it be. Be free.




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