A Letter to My Son…

My darling boy you will never know how you have changed my life. Not only in the obvious ways of little sleep and dirty nappies. Of no longer being able to socialize at the drop of a hat, but also no longer wanting to. Of not being able to day nap and read all night. But in ways far more profound. You have changed the very essence of who I am. Or perhaps you have just shown me, in no uncertain terms, what actually matters in this life.

You have changed the way I look at your daddy. I now, cannot look at him without my heart exploding. You have taken a great man and made him invincible. The way he looks at you, the way he parents and the way he loves and protects us all, is priceless.

You have changed how I see my friends. I am now more grateful than ever for those hearts that hold us up when we need it most. You have made me realize that I never needed to be everything to everybody, that those that love us, do so unconditionally, and that friendship is one of the purest forms of love.

You have shown me why our families are so important. You are the reason I now understand my mommy. Her worries, her tears, her joys and frustrations.

Mommy – I am sorry I never realized just how much we will always be a part of you, and that worry (and often irrational fear) come with the territory.

Boy, you have taught me that time is the most precious commodity we have in this life and I promise to treasure every moment of life that I get to live with you. You have shown me how to experience joy in every day. How to see the world through the eyes of a babe. With innocence, joy and uncontainable curiosity.

Maverick you are the everything I never knew I was missing. I thank God for you every day.

Thank you for balancing me. For making me better. Thank you for choosing me. I promise I will do everything I can to make you proud. To keep you safe. And to show you just how great this life can be.

My wish for you is that you are always surrounded by love. That your life is an adventure and that you find a way in each day to make a difference.

May you be kind. Curious. A man of your word. May you stand for what you believe in, no matter how hard it may be.

May you have strength of character to carry you through the tough times and may you never loose your child-like joy no matter how old you get.

May you live long and surround yourself with good people. May you find a love like the love I share with your daddy. And may you treat her like a queen.

Be kind to everyone. Especially those who are unkind to you. Be kind to animals and treat the earth well. Share your time with people who challenge you to be better. Never stop learning and always remain humble.

I know you are going to change the world. Like I said – you have already changed my world in every way that matters.

I love you with a deep, unexplainable tide that is greater than the ocean. More gigantic than all the galaxies and deeper than the centre of the earth. You are truly mighty. And magical beyond words.

Yours forever,

Mommy xxx


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